32. Perkins Double SG
Offered at $1,295
Deluxe Perkins Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun, original 34" barrels, 11 bore , high quality English maker, overall gun is very good with smooth clean metal which has turned an even dark plummish brown patina. The back 1/2" of the upper tang is missing and the ramrod is a replacement. Inlaid silver cloverleaves and border decorations are present in the breech area, barrel address "London Fine Twist Warranted" is inlaid with silver along with fancy scroll silver inlays on the rib. Silver inlaid scrolls are present on the rib 4" back from the muzzel as well, silver bead front sight. Scroll engraving is present on the hammers, sideplates and upper tang. All the furniture on the underside of the gun and the buttplate appear to be silver with fancy engraving, a pair of pheasants are on the triggerguard as well. A pair of iron reinforcement strips have been inlaid on the underside next to the triggerguard. 1/4" x 4.5". Each is held in place with six tiny screws. Well done. VG deluxe checkered walnut with some small wood loss near the barrels. The wrist crack is visible but the repairs make it solid. Overall this old deluxe Perkins has lots of eye-appeal.
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