97. Colt Berdan R.
Offered at $11,500
97. Super Extremely Rare Colt Berdan Rifle in 45-70 Caliber! This is one of only twenty manufactured in circa 1869- survival rate is unknown (30,000 were made for the Russian Contract in .42 Berdan caliber). Some features of this rifle that differ from the Russian contract examples include the following: Colt barrel address is in English, "H. BERDAN'S" is stamped atop the breechblock, correct rear sight graduated to 1100 yards, lack of finger rest on the lower tang and longer breechblock. Col. Hiram Berdan's rifle became the first cartridge rifle produced by Colt and was instrumental to the survival of the company following the Civil War. Overall near excellent condition, smooth clean metal has turned to a dark blue-plum patina, excellent bright shiny bore, correct ramrod is present. Near excellent walnut with virtually all original varnish intact. Correct 32.5" barrel bears 'N0. 22' near the breech and a '22' is also on the underside of the breechblock. This is the first Colt Berdan Rifle I have owned in cal. 45-70 and I doubt that I'll ever encounter another! Antique.
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